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What is the 3Rx Thyroid Club?Updated 17 hours ago

What is the 3Rx Thyroid Club?

The 3Rx Thyroid Club is the name of our new Subscription Club that offers new and exciting benefits for those that currently have, or are interested in putting our Forefront Health Products on auto-shipment! 

By simply checking out and selecting the Subscription Club option, instead of the one-time purchase option, you will be setting yourself up for bigger discounts, more perks, and (most likely) improved thyroid health. 

You will be rewarded as you continue to stay consistent with your supplement routine with incentives such as 5% cash back on each purchase, as well as gifts from one of the 3RX Collections - ReBalance, ReActivate, or Restore. 

This Subscription Club is everything you’ve been looking for to keep you excited about sticking to your goals of improving your thyroid, and overall health and wellness!

You can get started by clicking this link!

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