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What are the perks?Updated 17 hours ago

What are the perks?

The perks of our 3RX Thyroid Club are just what you need to keep consistent and excited when it comes to your goals of becoming happier and healthier! There are three tiers, Member, Elite, and VIP, and with each tier comes even more perks.

The Member tier is just the beginning of the excitement with 10% off orders 1-3, 5% cash back for each order, and a free gift from our Re-Balance Collection once you reach your 3rd subscription order!

The Elite tier is where you’ll start to unlock even more perks with orders 4-6. We’re talking 15% off each order, access to club-only giveaways, and early access to new products. You’re still earning 5% cash back with each order, and additionally, with your 6th order, you’ll be receiving a free Re-Activate Product. 

The VIP tier is where you’ll be once you’ve reached your 7th subscription order giving you 25% off for the length of your club subscription! Plus, all of the perks mentioned, as well as exclusive access to secret sales. Once you’ve reached your 9th subscription order with us, you’ll receive a free Re-Store Product! 

Sign up here: 3RX Thyroid Club

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