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How long do your supplements last?Updated 4 months ago

Each of our supplements vary in dosage, depending on your needs, and therefore last different amounts of time. Use this quick reference guide to help you determine, approximately, how long your Forefront Health supplements will last. 
Tip: Consider these timelines when creating your Subscription orders to help set the shipment dates appropriately.

Raw Desiccated Thyroid - 45 to 90 days (depending on dosage)
Collagen Protein Powder - 20 to 30 days
Molecular Progesterone - 60 to 100+ days (depending on dosage)
Vitamin ADK - around 60 days (3 doses daily)
Vitamin B Complex - 60 days (1 dose daily)
Vitamin E - 50 days (1 dose daily)
Vitamin K2 - 30 days (3 doses daily)
Eggshell Calcium - 60-90 days (depending on dosage)
Pregnenolone - 100 days (1 dose daily)
Cascara Sagrada - 2 to 6 months (depending on dosage)

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