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Can I use your thyroid supplements while on thyroid medication?Updated a year ago

Taking our supplements while on thyroid medication is a common question. 

But the quick answer here is yes, you can take our supplements while on your thyroid medication. We actually recommend it. 

What’s the difference between our thyroid supplement and your medication you ask? Let us tell you.

First, let it be understood how the desiccated thyroid we use differs from other desiccated thyroid medications in a couple of ways. One, it's bovine (cow) sourced instead of from pigs. And two is not defatted. So, it won't be a 1-for-1 equivalent. This is one reason we recommend using it with your medication and not as a replacement.

Okay, I lied, there’s one more difference, and that is our transparency on our pure ingredients and where they come from with each supplement we produce. 

It should also be known that our product contains pure raw whole desiccated thyroid gland that is freeze-dried at a low temperature to ensure and preserve natural constituents. 

Do we still want you to consult with your doctor before adding our supplement to your daily regimen? 

Yes! Since it's not easy to determine a 1-for-1 dosage to replace another medication, we do recommend that one uses the Raw Desiccated Thyroid in addition to your thyroid medication, when needed. 

If you are familiar with our Hypothyroidism Revolution Program, you know that we dose it by simply monitoring one’s temperature and pulse. With this being a thyroid dosing regimen, we do recommend consulting your doctor first as this is not a replacement for your current medication. 

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